Cellar / Basement Conversions

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Regardless of it is a new build or existing, basements can create valuable space within your property whether it be for storage, living or working whilst also being an effective option in comparison to moving or building. 

At SRS we provide services to both private and commercial clients for the conversion of basements. We believe in understanding the clients ultimate goals for a cellar conversion is paramount in delivering a project on-time, on-budget and to or above client expectations.


We offer an inspection and report where time will be taken to understand the requirements, level of conversion required and discuss how the conversion will be undertaken alongside what the end use of the cellar shall be. SRS can offer partial conversions to full room conversion including aiding or taking control of procuring required permissions with Local Authorities etc. At the time of the inspection we will discuss the methods used to control damp and moisture ingress, levels of conversion as defined by BS8102 and what is to be expected during the conversion. 

For clients looking to undertake aspects of the process themselves we will work alongside you to ensure that the end product is delivered correctly. Alternatively SRS work alongside a dedicated specialist team of contractors who can tackle all your heating, plumbing and electrical needs. Where required decoration and finishing works can also be undertaken. 

All conversions are covered by a long-term guarantee and upon application insurance backed gaurentees are offered on works. 

Contact details can be found on the Contact Us page to discuss cellar conversions further.