Timber Treatment / Repairs

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Timber can be found widely throughout all ages of properties, at SRS we offer a package of services to maintain, preserve and where required renew timber. Treatment of timber issues has advanced to a stage where there a multiple products that sometimes can be applied to resolve a similar issue, however please find below a brief example of some of the works commonly undertaken:


Timber Replacement


In some cases, particularly to ground floor suspended timber floors it is necessary or more economical to replace the timbers completely. At the time of the inspection we will discuss with you the best way to undertake the works to minimise disruption to yourself and discuss options for installation of new flooring depending on your needs.   


Chemical Treatment / Preservation 


Chemical treatments are used in the prevention and eradication of wood boring infestations that attack various types of timber within a property. Inspections for wood boring infestations may include the removal of floor coverings and floorboards to allow a comprehensive inspection and identification of issues, however this will be done in a manner to cause minimal disruption where possible. 


Once the infestation has been identified wider aspects such as ventilation and moisture ingress would also be inspected. 


Once works are commenced heavily infested / decayed timbers are removed and replaced with new, remaining areas are treated using the latest micro-emulsion chemical sprays or pastes and if required treatment injected into the timber. By using the latest products disruption can be minimalized with re-entry into treated areas being down to a few hours following treatment. 


Infestations of differing wood boring insects leave different trade-mark indicators however generally there will be flight holes, small holes in the faces of timber used by adult beetles when leaving the timber and bore dust which is a predominantly yellow coloured fine dust found under the timbers affected. Should you suspect that there is an issue please use the Contact Us  section. 


In some cases clients require treatment of timbers with preservatives to future proof the timber, this is common in properties undergoing extensive re-modelling and refurbishment or where existing timbers are going to be covered i.e. in the conversion of a loft space to a room etc. 


Timber Repairs / Floor Repairs 


Depending on the nature and severity of the infestation some if not all of the existing timber maybe salvaged with chemical treatment or a proportion replaced with new and the remainder kept. Generally on floor repairs new timbers will be installed alongside existing and securely fixed to the existing.  


At the time of the inspection we would advise if a repair is necessary and the extent to ensure you always are clear on the issue and solution you may be facing.