Partial Cellar Conversion - Kinver

The Client requested that the cellar be altered to provide a dry floor and settle for the purpose of storage only. The cellar has previously been lined with timber and plasterboard and a painted floor. All the existing works where removed to expose the brickwork before membrane systems were installed to manage any moisture ingress including drainage, sump and pump. 

Finishing works included a floating floor and settle enlarged and clad in mdf. Sockets were provided via an electrician alongside mechanical ventilation and the existing radiator reinstated. A pre-treated timber skirting detail was installed to protect the membrane system from accidental damage. 

The works would allow full conversion at a later date should the client wish. 

Works: Partial Cellar Conversion.

Location: Kinver, South Staffordshire.

Client: Private Property Landlord.

Date: August 2017.



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