Internal Insulation Works

Internal Insulation, Insulation, Herefordshire, Refurbishment
Internal Insulation, Insulation, Herefordshire, Refurbishment

Installing insulation to your home has several benefits that come post installation. These being particularly noted within older properties that may feature solid wall construction or single brick walls. Benefits of installing insulation can include: 

  • Reduced heat loss / Reduced thermal temperature increase - Installation of insulation can aid and reduce the level of heat loss in the colder months of the year and likewise reduce the amount of temperature increase within the summer months.

  • Save money on bills - By installing insulation the property will require less heating input to reach your desired temperature and retain warmth for longer when the properties heating has turned off. 

  • Affect your properties EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) Rating - Increasing the level of insulation installed within your property can have a beneficial effect in raising your properties EPC, this can have a positive impact at the point of sale or rental. 

  • Reduce your properties Carbon footprint - By increasing insulation and reducing the energy needs of your home / property can lead to a reduction in the carbon footprint of your property.

There are serval ways of increasing the level of insulation into a property or incorporating into works relating to damp-proofing etc. to suit your needs, head to our Contact Us page to see how this can be done.