Floor Replacement and Associated Works - Stourbridge

Complete replacement of the Living Room floor completed whilst the homeowner continued to live at the property and it was paramount no damage was caused to the wider room / property including the decoration. Works were undertaken to remove and dispose of existing floor and clear the sub-floor void.


The decay to the existing timber was attributed to extreme condensation within the sub-floor void which corresponded with a shortage of air bricks having been installed at the time of construction and over time these being less efficient due to blockages, a leak to a bathroom sink to the reverse side of one of the walls was also identified and rectified. 

A new floor was installed to previous levels using pre-treated joists and new floorboarding allowing for access hatches to be formed should access to the sub-floor void be required in the future, prior to the whole area floor being sprayed with a timber preservative. 

Additional works including replacement and new air bricks to two elevations and alterations to the rear patio to allow for the re-routing of a defective downpipe. 


Works: Floor Replacement and Associated Works. 

Location: Stourbridge, West Midlands.

Client: Private Homeowner.

Date: April 2017.



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