Cellar Conversion - Droitwich

Conversion of an existing basement into a combined use storage area and additional "tv zone". Works included excavation of existing floor to allow for perimeter drainage and sump, excavation of existing coal chute to form a window.

Professional Gas Safe engineers were employed to re-route heating and gas pipes prior to Platon cavity drain membrane system being applied to walls and floors alongside the staircase. Qualified electricians were organised to install all cables to clients requirements including sockets, tv points, wired internet connection and ceiling mounted spot lights.

Chipboard floating floor was laid over the membrane, indepenent timber stud work was install to all walls, prior to plasterboard to walls and ceilings. All areas where plastered before carpentry was completed to provided finishing details, storage space and to tidy areas up around utility meters. 


Works: Cellar Conversion.

Location: Droitwich, Worcestershire.

Client: Private Homeowner.

Date: July 2016.



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