Cellar Conversion - Central Birmingham

SRS Ltd. were asked to advise and undertake specialist works to convert an existing multi-room cellar during an extensive renovation and redevelopment of a office building in central Birmingham. SRS Ltd. advised from an early stage on the options available for conversion alongside associated pros and cons of each before finalising a specification for submission and approval. 

Following the acceptance of the works SRS Ltd. worked alongside a national contractor to deliver the specialist works including installation of two twin pump systems each with their own battery back-up and high water alarm, perimeter drainage, wall membrane, floor membrane and a floating floor installed on top of a sand bed to increase the compressive strength. 


Additional works were completed to allow the main contractor to carry out their finishing works such as mounting timber battens on sealed fixings for use of framing out the cellar.



Works: Cellar Conversion.

Location: City Centre, Birmingham.

Client: National Property and Land Developer.

Date: February 2019.



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